Yoga Day Celebrations 2020-21

“Inhale the future Exhale the past”

International Yoga Day was celebrated virtually by teachers, students and parents on 21st June 2020 at Chembur English High School. Various yoga asanas like Surya namaskara (Sun Salutation), Tadasana (Mountain pose & tree pose), Chakrasana (Wheel pose), Dhanurasana (Bow pose), Utarasana (Camel pose), Bhujangasana ( Cobra pose) & Savasana ( Corpse pose ) were demonstrated online. Steps and benefits of each pose was narrated. Students and parents participated enthusiastically. Our principal Ms. Annamma Paul encouraged students to practice yoga to remain fit and improve concentration.

Regular practice of yoga will surely help our students achieve a better life physically, mentally and spiritually as well.

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